Throughout time, LEGENDS MACHINE has been at the forefront of the custom machining industry. We have machined just about everything that there is to custom machine. Everything from custom motorcycle, trike and aftermarket Harley Davidson wheels and components to street rod and hot rod components to classic and modern muscle cars to imports, to dually truck wheels and components etc, we have machined parts, components and accessories, both OEM and aftermarket, for various industries.

As of now, LEGENDS MACHINE is becoming more specialized in the services that we will be offering. We are now only going to machine and manufacture custom "Big Rig" style dually truck wheels (both 8 and 10 lug bolt patterns), custom motorcycle wheels and aftermarket Harley Davidson wheels and related accessories and custom steering wheels. "Big Rig" style dually truck wheels will be available for all major makes and models of trucks: Chevrolet / Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, etc. Custom motorcycle wheels and Harley Davidson wheels will be available in any size and design for any custom v-twin and Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Legends Machine will be able to offer related components when it comes to our custom dually truck wheels.  In most applications, the use of a 4" suspension  lift will be required.  We will be able to supply our customers with the lift kit of their choice.  You may view our supply of various lift kits under TRUCK WHEELS ==> Related Accessories.   We also offer the 8 to 10 lug hub adapters to convert your truck over to the big-rig style dually truck wheels.

When it comes to Legends Machine custom billet motorcycle wheels, custom trike wheels and Harley Davidson wheels, we can offer a host of services and related items for your ride.  Items such as custom machined pulleys and rotors, as well as, front and rear wheel hubs will be available to our customers so they may be able to complete their wheel package of choice.  Pre-polished custom motorcycle wheels and custom trike wheels and chrome motorcycle wheels and custom trike wheels will also be available. These items can be viewed under CUSTOM CYCLE WHEELS ==> Related Items.

With having our own team of designers, programmers and engineers, LEGENDS MACHINE, along with our customers and clients, can custom design and machine almost any big rig style aluminum dually truck wheels and custom motorcycle, custom trike wheelsand Harley Davidson wheels, of which could be your very own unique design.  Legends Machine has the freedom to do just about any design that our customers and clients would want as long as the design would not disturb the structural integrity of the wheels.



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